Physical Education – Mrs. Macali

IPhysical Education – Mrs. Macali

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This year the students will focus on adding physical fitness to their everyday life, sportsmanship, and making fitness fun. The third quarter will focus on motor skills  and game / sport development.especially basketball in grades 4-8.  The skills acquired in P.E. will allow the students to develop an attitude, which will prepare him/her for a lifelong pursuit of being physically fit.  Grades  will be based on participation, knowledge of concepts and strategies of activities, and sportsmanship. Please have your student come to school  in their gym clothes  on gym days. No shorts are permitted to be worn to school starting November 1. Make fitness part of your daily routine.


This week we will kickoff Jump Rope for Heart and we will work on jump rope skills. Papers and envelopes will come home this week.Jump rope for ❤️ is January 30 beginning at 9 in the gym for student in K-4. All students in k-4 will wear gym clothes and tennis shoes to school on January 30. Parents that would like to volunteer for this event, please send in  a note to the front office. I welcome the help starting at 8:00 am. Until 11:30.Come see your students have a fun time working their heart and helping others.





🐾🐾Just a reminder: The uniform for gym is RED or BLACK  NOT GREY. shorts or sweats, tennis shoes, RED, WHITE, BLUE, OR GREY PLAIN SHIRTS or St. Rose logo  P.E. shirts only. Please no jewelry during class including watches.  Also, girls please use hair ties for long hair during class. Students in K-8 will wear their gym uniform, including tennis shoes,  to school on gym days. Students in grades 7&8 will change into his/her gym uniform ONLY on the second day of gym.    Please send doctor excuses or parent note  if your child cannot participate in gym class. Students may bring a water bottle to gym class to stay hydrated, but must be in a plastic bottle no glass please. It is also a good idea to label your child’s uniforms