Music – Mr. Zunic

Music – Mr. Zunic


Quote of the week: “Life most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King Jr.

Older students will begin preparation for playing our brand new piano/keyboards! This is an awesome opportunity for the students.

K-1: Students will focus on the basic elements of music. High/Low, Fast/Slow. We will be exploring our singing voices. We will begin focusing on steady beat.

2nd: Students will begin to learn solfege and review steady beat.

3rd: We will be learning to read music in the treble clef in preparation for playing the recorders. 

4th: We will be learning about the life and times of various composers. Also, we will be learning how to use technology to create music. We will be doing this using the iPads and the garagbeand app.

5th/8th: Students will begin keyboard preparation. Learning to read music in the treble and bass clef will done through an array of activities.