Music – Mr. Zunic

Music – Mr. Zunic


I have great news!! Our entire choir grades 3-8 have been invited back to perform at Powers Auditorium with the Youngstown Symphony for their Christmas Concert. This performance is on Saturday, December 2nd. I will be sending home more information in the weeks to come. 

Quote of the week: “Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

 Music is a wonderful part of life and I am excited to share in that wonder with the students.

K-1: Students will focus on the basic elements of music. High/Low, Fast/Slow. We will be exploring our singing voices.

2nd: We will sing call and response songs and explore high and low.

3rd: We will begin classifying instruments into the four families. 

4th: Rhythm review, students will create Halloween raps using quarter, 8th, triplet and 16th note rhythms.

5th/6th: Students will explore Jazz music through an array of classroom activities.

7th/8th: We will be looking at music in the movies. Students will be using the iPads to create a slideshow of pictures accompanied by a composition they create in garageband.