Grade 8 – Mrs. Lowry

Weeks of January 15-26  Happy New Year!

Grade 8 Social Studies-  We are studying Chapter 20 which covers the United States building and empire.The students will have several assignments for this chapter. The test for this chapter is on Monday January 22. We will then study World War 1.

Grade 6 Social Studies-  The students are  learning about the Early Hebrews. We will finish this unit after the new year. They will have several different assignments for this chapter. The chapter test will be Friday January 26.

Grade 7 Social Studies-  We are learning about the American Revolution in Chapter 6. The students will have their chapter test on Monday January 22.

Grade 8 Religion- We will focus on Catholic Church history. The students received Bibles from St. Rose Parish which they tabbed, and we will be using them frequently as we study church history and Confirmation preparation. Unit 2 discusses the growth of the Church at the end of the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity throughout Europe. Chapter 7 covers the growth of the church in Europe and the customs that developed that we still celebrate today. They will have an LTA for this unit which will be a group activity. The test for this chapter will be on Tuesday January 23.

The 8th grade has been working with their kindergarten buddies and they enjoy the challenge of helping and mentoring them in various activities.  They have also been reading the morning prayer over the loudspeaker as well as being lectors at our school Masses. They are showing great promise as responsible young men and women and as leaders of the school. We will spend the next few months preparing for Confirmation.