Grade 7 – Mr. Miller

  • 6th, 7th, & 8th grade English & spelling teacher
  • 7th grade (homeroom) religion teacher
  • English Festival advisor 

Mr. Miller’s classes are all on Google Classroom! Class notes, quizzes, study guides, links to websites for extra practice, classroom reminders, & more are all uploaded & accessible to the students wherever they have internet access.

Announcements & reminders:

Monday, October 23 marks the beginning of the 2nd Quarter.

Friday, October 27: Halloween Party – As a reminder, students are NOT allowed to bring in any extra candy.

What’s going on October 23 – November 3:

The agenda(s) below are subject to change based on the pace and the needs of the students and/or the needs of each individual class.

6th grade English: Due to the schedule last week, we did not get to finish how-to presentations. We will finish them up this week, and the how-to speech presentation grade will count for the second quarter. Moving forward, the students will focus on a new type of writing this quarter: persuasive/argument writing. As they did last quarter, students will be responsible for the conceptualization and execution of 2 writing assignments this quarter. The first writing piece is a persuasive sales pitch à la “Shark Tank” style. We will begin the writing process for this first writing assignment the week of October 23. Students will learn about the different kinds of persuasive techniques that are used in the media, advertisements, and in the business world. In tandem with our persuasive/argument writing, students will continue developing their knowledge of the 8 parts of speech, and we will begin learning about commas (i.e. why we use them, when we use them, how to use them appropriately).

7th grade English: We begin our persuasive/argument writing unit this week. As we did last quarter, students will be responsible for completing at least 2 writing assignments this quarter. The first writing assignment students will be completing this year is a sale pitch à la “Shark Tank” style. The second writing assignment will require the students to argue both sides of an issue and draw a conclusion based on the evidence they present. We will recap & review the persuasive techniques we learned about in class last year, & we will add a few new ones to our knowledge base. The week of October 23, students will be tasked with looking at advertisements and identifying the persuasive techniques being used. In addition to our persuasive/argument writing unit, we will continue to learn about the 6 types of nouns, 7 types of pronouns, 4 principal parts of verbs, 5 questions adverbs answer, 4 questions adjectives answer, 7 types of prepositions, 4 punctuation marks that follow interjections, & the 3 types of conjunctions. We will also continue learning about commas and how to use them appropriately in writing; we began this unit last year & will continue building our knowledge this year.

8th grade English: Students were put into pairs last week in preparation for our persuasive/argument writing unit that begins this week. Each pair has been tasked with selecting an issue they feel that they can debate in class. The students will also learn what a written abstract is, and they will be responsible for writing one to accompany their debate issue. Students will receive class time to work on this the week of October 23. We will continue to prepare for students to take the ACT Aspire the week of October 30. I will continue to focus on how to write a constructed response this week (week of October 23) in class. In an effort to make sure all students do well on their written essay, we will backtrack and review material from 6th & 7th grade to refresh the memory. 

7th grade homeroom religion: We got a little off track (in a good way) last week because we focused on the Sandy Hook Promise in religion class. This week (week of October 23), we will return to Chapter 3 in the textbook and focus on Blessed Bernard Lichtenberg, a Catholic priest who fought for the Catholic Church & its teachings during the Holocaust. Students will be responsible for completing various activities as well as participating in class discussions.

Spelling words for the week of October 23:

6th grade: (pg. 52) deem, discredit, generate, ingratitude, mortal, petty, repent, revocation, strand, & topple   

7th grade: (pg. 52) bewilder, controversial, fruitless, inflammable, malignant, orthodox, scurry, spirited, void, & wince 

8th grade: (pg. 62) addendum, ample, assert, disdain, ethical, inaudible, intrigue, plausible, prodigal, & pulverize 

10 new spelling words from the spelling book will be assigned at the beginning of each week. Weekly spelling homework will also be assigned at the beginning of each week. Students are responsible for spelling and defining their spelling words. While new words will be assigned each week, this does not mean that students should forget about their previous spelling words. Students will still have to know how to spell and define their previous words in order to do well on their weekly spelling test. The junior high spelling program is structured this way in an effort to put an emphasis on retention of information. There will be a comprehensive spelling test at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter.