Grade 6 – Mrs. Santana

2017 – 2018 School Year

Vocabulary words can be found on  (password is mrssantana)


1/15 – 1/19       

6th grade Religion: We will resume our study of the Exodus story.  The students will be finishing their Exodus play and we will discuss Moses and his faith in God.  

This weeks question for students: Think of a time of great celebration for you or someone close to you.  How did you express your joy during this time?  How did you express your thanks?

6th Grade:

1/15 – 1/19:  We will be discussing what earthquakes are and the different types of seismic waves (p waves, s waves, secondary waves).  We will discuss how earthquakes are measured and the different scales used to measure them.  Vocabulary Test CHANGED TO 1/23.

7th Grade:

1/15 – 1/19:  We will begin Chapter 7 Viruses, Bacteria, Protists and Fungi.  Will will discuss if viruses are alive and how new viruses are created.  We will name the different parts of the virus and how you treat a virus.  On Friday 1/19 we will have a Vocabulary Test and work on the Zoo Book.

8th Grade:

1/15 – 1/19:  In chapter 9 we will be discussing speed, velocity and acceleration.  We will be working on speed and acceleration calculations as well as how to graph speed, velocity and acceleration.  On Friday 1/19 we will have  a vocabulary test and complete the straw rocket lab.