Grade 6 – Mrs. Santana

2017 – 2018 School Year

Vocabulary words can be found on  (password is mrssantana)


6th grade Religion: Chapter 4.  In this chapter we will be discussing the story of Joseph and what it means to be pious.  There will be a chapter 4 test on Thursday October 26th. We will then have a Unit 1 test on Tuesday October 31st.

This weeks question for students: What qualities do you admire in your best friend?  Why?

6th grade Science:  Chapter 5 Plate Tectonics (pg. 122-158)

Monday 10/23:  Begin Chapter 5 Plate Tectonics.  Section 1 Earth’s Interior

Tuesday 10/24:   Section 2 Convection and the Mantle

Wednesday 10/25: Section 2 Convection and the Mantle

Thursday 10/26: Section 3 Drifting Continents

Friday 10/27:  Section 3 Drifting Continents

7th grade Life Science Chapter 4 Genetics:  the science of heredity

Monday 10/23: Mendel’s Work

Tuesday 10/24:  Probability and Heredity

Wednesday 10/25:  Probability and Heredity

Thursday 10/26:  Cell and Inheritance 

Friday 10/27:  The DNA Connection

8th grade Physical Science  Chapter 5 Atoms and Bonding

Monday 10/23:   Atoms, Bonding and the Periodic Table

Tuesday 10/24:   Atoms, Bonding and the Periodic Table

Wednesday 10/25:   Ionic Bonds

Thursday 10/26:  Covalent Bonds

Friday 10/27: Covalent Bonds

All science students will need a 5 subject notebook for class.