Grade 4 – Mrs. Lyons 

Monday, October 16- Friday, October 20

Math:  Tuesday I will give the students a Math review sheet (#2) that is due by Thursday. This is for a grade. Weekly review sheets are to reenforce topics covered and to review 3rd grade lessons. This week we continue with Topic 2- Generate and Analyze Patterns. They will complete Workbook Practice page 2.3-2.5. We will have a quiz on Friday, 10/20 over Topic 2.1-2.5.

The most important thing you can do to help your child in math this year is to focus on  mastering all multiplication facts as quickly as possible.  We will be learning 2-digit multiplication and long division before the end of the first quarter.  Students should be able to complete 100 facts in 5 minutes or less.

Reading: The students will begin a new Raz Kids book this week. We will focus on the vocabulary at the beginning of the week. In class, the kids will practice writing complete sentences with proper capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. Thursday we will have a vocabulary test.

Ohio History: Our Chapter 2 test is this Tuesday, 10/17. We will then begin Chapter 3 and begin a Google slide project on Native Americans. All work for the project will be completed in class. 

Religion:  We have a lot of fun activities for “Say Something Week” which focuses on looking out for fellow students and going out of our way to help others, include others, and show kindness toward each other. We will also continue with Chapter 3.