Grade 3 – Mrs. Myers

Mrs. Myers 3-25 ♥

Week of October 16-20

Friday, October 20, 2017: End of the 1st quarter

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Every day we will have snack. Please be sure to send your child with a snack each day.


Spelling: Unit 8 long a spelled ai, ay

aid, chain, mail, paint, plain, pail, main, laid, paid, pay tray, maybe, lay, always, away

Monday: 3x’s each
Tuesday: Extra Practice Sheet
Wednesday: workbook page 60


Math: Topic 3 – Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

This topic will not take a tremendous amount of time. We will review adding and subtracting 3 to 4 digit numbers as well as subtracting across a zero. We will also practice the different strategies we can use to add and subtract. Please continue practice the Multiplication Facts for Days 1-4. The students will have work this week on Days 3 and.


Phonics: Unit 2: Review of short vowel sounds in words and long vowel spelling patterns. 


Religion:  This week is Say Something Week based off of the Sandy Hook Promise. We will discuss ways to be upstanders and to say something to a trusted adult when we feel help is needed. On Friday, we will wear green. 

We will also begin Chapter 5. This chapter focuses in on the healing we receive from Jesus. Some key Faith Words include Original Sin, compassion, and mercy. St. Francis of Assisi will be our discussed in this chapter especially because of his many works with the poor and sick.


Guided Reading: 



We are continuing reassessing reading levels.

Character Trait Project: We will begin assembling our projects this week. Please have your poster boards here. During this time, the students will review identifying and proving character traits.


Science: Earth Science 

Students will begin learning about soil including what makes up soil and the different layers of soil. This will also lead into the three types of rocks and how they are formed (sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic).


Social Studies: Communities. The students will have in class assignments comparing and contrasting as well as identifying traits of different cultures in different communities. Students will be assigned a community and will need to create a drawing showing life in the assigned community.



♥ Mrs. Myers