Grade 3 – Miss Kepley

Week of January 15 – 19

1.  Please remember to send a healthy snack with your child to school.
 There is no Club 3456 for the month of January.
3. Show and Tell will be on Friday.
4. Scholastic Book Orders are due next Tuesday the 23rd.
5.  I will be using Remind (Remind 101) to communicate with you throughout the year.  Please take some time to join our class :)

We will follow Girard for two hour delays and school closure.  Our schedules will be adjusted on these days.

Spelling – Friday
English Retake – Wednesday
Phonics – Wednesday

Spelling: Unit 17 Words Writers Use
friend, very, people, your, after, busy, other, were, should, once, would, sure, little, every, could

Wednesday – 3x each
*No sentences this week

English: We are starting our unit on verbs.  We will take a look at past, present, and future tense verbs.  Students will be able to form and use verbs in these tenses.
HW: Thursday – Reteach page

Guided Reading: We are finishing benchmark assessments.  Raz-Kids levels will be updated this week.  We will also be taking the STAR 360 Math and Reading assessments between this week and next week.  We will get back into our reading groups next week!

Students also received a login card with their usernames and passwords for Raz-Kids, Gmail, and Moby Max.  We will start using Moby Max this week.  These can be used at home too!

HW Daily: Read for 20 minutes

Skills: Ask and answer questions, expand vocabulary, sequence events, key details

Phonics: We have finished unit 2 and will be moving on to unit 3.  Unit 3 starts off with compound words.  Please continue to review at home long and short vowels.
Test: Wednesday

Religion:  We will continue our discussion on Chapter 7 which looks at how Jesus teaches us to love. We will be reading about Saint Louise de Marrillac, the Great Commandment, and how to love each other.
*Keep an eye out for a study guide this week 

Handwriting: Reminder, all assignments will be in cursive from now on unless otherwise instructed.  Keep practicing at home.

Science: We have moved on to our next unit which is all about life cycles.  We begin with the plant life cycle and then we take a look at animal life cycles.  We will be doing an activity which takes a closer look at the life cycle of a frog.

Social Studies: We will begin discussing chapter 5 which will have us looking at how communities change over time. We will be looking at people that have created change as well as different inventions that have changed communication, transportation, and daily life.

Math: Please look at Mrs. Myers’ website :)