Grade 3 – Miss Kepley

Week of October 23-27

1.  Please remember to send a healthy snack with your child to school.
2.  AIR test is on Tuesday, October 24.
3. Halloween party is Friday, October 27.  Please no masks or weapons. Our parade and party will begin at 1:00
4.  I will be using Remind (Remind 101) to communicate with you throughout the year.  Please take some time to join our class :)

Spelling: Friday

 Units 9 Long e spelled ee and ea
sheep, dream, street, east, treat, mean, wheels, peace, real, cheese, leave, stream, sweet, teacher, heat
Monday – 3x each
Tuesday – Extra practice page
Wednesday – 15 sentences due Friday

English: We have started our discussion on our personal narratives.  This will mainly take place in class.  Our focus this week will be brainstorming our ideas for the topic chosen.  We will be sequencing our ideas using time order words and including dialogue.
HW: Monday – look over brainstorm topics with parents.  Add details to brainstorm sheet.

Personal Narratives: A paper will be coming home later this week discussing the format and requirements for the paper.  Most of this will be written in class.  Things that will be done at home could include discussing ideas with parents, adding details to his/her writing, or writing/fixing a paragraph.

Guided Reading: This week I will be reassessing their reading levels. They are welcome to use Raz-Kids at home :)

HW:  Read for 20 minutes

**Please return the STAR reports that were sent home. Thank you :)

Phonics: We will begin unit 2 which focuses on long and short vowel sounds.

Religion: We will begin chapter 5 which teaches us about compassion and mercy.  We will also talk about Saint Francis.  

Handwriting: Reminder, all assignments will be in cursive 2nd quarter.

Science: We will be looking at natural resources and discussing the differences between renewable and non-renewable resources.  We will also talk about ways to conserve resources. We will also be talking about rocks and the rock cycle

Social Studies: We have finished Chapter Chapter 2 on communities.  We will begin Chapter 3 which will teach us about our geographic location. We will work on definitions in class but any definitions not completed will be homework due on Friday.

Math: Please look at Mrs. Myers’ website :)