Grade 2 – Mrs. Racketa

Grade 2 – Mrs. Racketa

Week of 10/23/17


Religion – Chapter 6  We Celebrate God’s Forgiveness  “Lord, you are kind and forgiving.”

Math – Topic 5   Place Value to 100     A reteaching homework sheet will be given everyday except Friday. Please return it to school the next day.  Practice math facts for -1,-2, -0, the doubles plus one, sums of 10, the doubles with subtraction, (12-6=6, 14-7=7 etc)  +9’s and +3’s.

Reading –Leveled Books A to Z   Identifying author, illustrator, main idea and key details. We will be reading for fluency and comprehension. We will be describing how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges by answering who, what, where why, and how questions. We will use context to confirm word recognition and understanding, rereading as necessary. Children will also read stories on iPads from Raz kids. Please practice the second grade popcorn words that were sent home.

Phonics – Unit 3 Long Vowels

Language – Unit 2 Identifying Nouns and Descriptive Writing

Spelling – Unit 9  Words: wink, sing, sink, king, long, ring, hang, bank, wing, drink.    Bonus Words: blink, cranky, singer, swing. The children will be assessed twice weekly. A written test and a standardized test will be given every Friday. A homework sheet will be given every Tuesday. Please return it on Wednesday.

Science – All About Animals,  Environments for Living Things and Animal Life Cycles.

Social Studies – Community and State Governments

Please remember to send a daily healthy snack to school.

Your child should wear gym clothes to school every Tuesday.

Birthday Treats are welcomed. There are 17 children the class. Please remember to fill out the birthday treat calendar in the principal folder so that we can let the children with allergies know ahead of time.  Please try to send  the same flavor so that feelings aren’t hurt.

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a note or leave a message with Mrs. Lenhart and I’ll be sure to get right back to you.