Grade 1 – Mrs. Stacey Lasher

Mrs. Lasher


Week of 10/23/17

The Halloween Party is this Friday. Please remember no extra treats! You may come and dress your child at 12:30 and you may take your child after the party if you so choose. =)  

Please have your child read one story every night on Raz Kids. It is very important to not tell your child a word and let them try to decode it and become more independent. Thank you so much for all your help! 

Remember to bring a healthy snack everyday and be mindful of our allergy students. 

Math: Please keep reviewing doubles and doubles plus one! Math facts- adding 1 to any number.  Students will be subtracting 0 less, 1 less and 2 less than. Students will see how addition and subtraction are alike. We will write addition and subtraction facts using the part-part-whole model. 

Reading: We will be reading stories to work on retelling a story with beginning, middle and end. Students will understand that stories have a problem and a solution. 

Phonics:  We will begin focusing on Short i.  Students will be getting their poetry phonics red folder. This must be brought back everyday. We will focus on a poem for two weeks. Students are to read it for fluency, focus on the short a words and read it at the end of the two weeks with no problem. (I am very proud of how well each student did with their short a poem) 

Spelling: This weeks words are short i words. if, big, dig. pig, did, him (it is very important this week that your child does not get these letters confused and uses the alphabet chart in my room to make sure the letter they want is facing the correct way) Please practice that at home with writing. 

Challenge words- bib, pin, rip, zip

Language Arts: We will continue working with a Noun- Students will find the noun in the sentence and tell if it is a person, place or thing. We will begin working on capitalization. 

We will continue working on our book about Fruit of the Holy Spirit. 

Social Studies/ Science: We will begin Social Studies. Students will begin learning about finding where they are by  using a map. Students will learn what a globe is. Students will identify continents and water. We will begin discussing landforms. We will create a book discussing the different landforms mountains, hills, desert, valley and plain. Please keep any worksheet that come home from social studies and look them over. The practice worksheet we complete together in school is what your child learned in the lesson for the day. 

*Each time we complete a lesson topic, the students will tear it out to take home to study for the end of the unit test. These are the stapled papers. I do not have extra copies since they come straight out of their Science books. Please keep those pages. *

Religion: Please refer to Mrs. Kelly’s page. 

We have 17 students in our room for birthdays! Treats are always welcome. Please remember to fill out a calendar paper. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send me a note, call the office or e-mail me.