kindergarten-musicThe Saint Rose academic program is in line with the directives of the Diocese of Youngstown Courses of Study and the State of Ohio Mandates. Our academic program includes instructions in art, music, physical education and computers.
Religion classes and experiences are provided at each grade level. All students receive daily religious instructions and attend school Mass weekly. An all-school assembly at the end of the school year is held to bestow a variety of academic and service awards to students in grades 1 through 7 with special kindergarten and 8th grade graduation ceremonies.

Grades K through 5
In addition to daily religion instruction students are enrolled in mathematics, music, physical education and computer instruction. Students in 3rd grade also receive musical instruction on the recorder. Students in the 4th grade receive instruction in Ohio History. Grade 4 thru 8 may participate in the school band, which is an extracurricular activity. Students in grade 5 go to Camp Fitch.

Grades 6 through 8

academics-sub-picThese upper-grade students are involved in departmental classes consisting of religious education, language arts, mathematics (including advanced math for 7th grade and 8th grade algebra, which can be used for high school credit) language arts, reading/literature, science conducted in a separate science lab, health, social studies, art, physical education and computer instruction. The 8th graders go with their parents and homeroom teacher to Washington DC.